One of the draw backs of blogging with Jekyll is that there is a certain amount of overhead when creating new posts. This is especially true when doing link blogging, where what you want to post is a quick link to an article somewhere, a quote, and your commentary on it. It’s no where as quick and intuitive as some other blogging systems like Tumblr which has a very handy bookmarklet.

Well if you use Google Chrome and host your Jekyll blog on Github Pages it just got much easier thanks to the Serum Chrome Extension. It’s free and it’s on the Chrome Web Store. Go try it out.

It’s simple to use. Just select the text you want to quote, click the button and a popup with a post ready to go will appear. You can then edit as required (including the filename), hit post, and it gets committed into your specified Git repo. Easy. By default it commits new posts into the _drafts directory. This can be configured. All configuration is done in the extension options as you would expect.

Authentication is done using Github’s Personal API Tokens system.

Right now this is pretty basic, I have plans to add some new features soon. These will probably include:

  1. A nicer editor experience
  2. A template system for the post layout
  3. Being able to specify if you want to post a draft or publish live

The source is on Github: