Apple’s next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air

This is all just rumor at this point and the images on the site are just renders based on that info.

The 12-inch MacBook Air will be considerably smaller than the current 13-inch version, yet also slightly narrower than the 11-inch model. The new 12-inch version is approximately a quarter-of-an-inch narrower than the 11-inch version, yet it is also a quarter-of-an-inch taller in order to accommodate the slightly larger display. In order to fit the larger screen into a footprint about the size of the current 11-inch model, the bezels on the display have been reduced on all sides.

Smaller laptop than my 11” Macbook Air but with a larger screen? Yes please. I wonder if that will actually translate into higher screen resolution? Worth noting there is no mention of a Retina class screen.

The upcoming 12-inch Air has the fewest amount of ports ever on an Apple computer, as can be seen in the rendition above. On the left side is a standard headphone jack and dual-microphones for input and noise-canceling. On the right side is solely the new USB Type-C port. Yes, Apple is currently planning to ditch standard USB ports, the SD Card slot, and even its Thunderbolt and MagSafe charging standards on this new notebook.

As we’ve reported on multiple occasions, the new USB Type-C connector is smaller, faster, and more capable than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on existing computers. The connector is able to replace the Thunderbolt Display port on the current Apple laptops as USB Type-C actually has the technology to drive displays. Additionally, the latest specifications from the USB foundation indicate that USB Type-C can actually be used to power computers, which makes the standard MagSafe plugs unnecessary on this new device.

I like the idea of eliminating different ports in favour of a single type. I do worry a little about only having a single physical port though. That said, I don’t plug very much in my to Air on a regular basis other than power. The only peripheral that is physically plugged into my Air regularly is a 24” monitor at work, and a 27” monitor at home. The 27” requires DualLink DVI though because of the Air’s lack of Thunderbolt 2.0. Perhaps this could be resolved with a USB Type-C to DisplayPort cable. But that would still leave me with no power cable. Maybe a power cable with a splitter with a female Type-C end, assuming you could use a single port simultaneously for power in and display out. Or maybe just include more than a single port. I could also imagine an AppleWatch-style MagSafe inductive charging system too. That would be cool.