Code with Elsa and Anna is a fantastic interactive “learn to code” tutorial for ages 8 and up.

The accompanying videos are very good too with an good diversity of cultural and gender representation. I particularly liked the one comparing functions to ‘plays’ in sports - it’s a great metaphor.

The app itself uses Blockly as a visual editor.

You can reveal the underlying source code being created but you can’t edit it (you have to use the blocks) but that’s ok at this level I think. The source display is modal though, it would be nice if it could displayed along side the blocks, so you could immediately see how changing the blocks changes the code. Also I could consider a “test” button to run the code without evaluating if it passes the puzzle. That would make experimentation a little easier by not have the “you got it wrong” message popup everytime.

What is there left to say except “The code doesn’t bother me anyway” ?