Another great video from Dave Wiskus at Greater Elevation.

This also partial hits on a pet-hate of mine: ordinary non-tech people who ‘make an app’ or ‘have an app to their name’. The truth is these people didn’t make the app itself. They had an idea and then paid (or promised to pay) some developers to make it for them. That’s not to say that their contribution isn’t important, they often bring domain expertise that is very valuable. It’s just that they are the ones who get their name splashed everywhere by the press, especially those that were already well known in their field. No one hears about the developers who struggled with buggy tools, unrealistic deadlines, and unrealistic expectations.

It creates the impression in the public that they had a significant input into the actual development … and therefore that coding can’t be that hard. That devalues the field.

Also: ‘nēsh