In the early 1990s, before Blizzard was known as Blizzard, it was known as Silicon and Synapse and it made games like The Lost Vikings. Which you can now download from their website for free.

It’s a pretty cool game, a 2D platformer with 3 characters with unique abilities that you have to switch between to through the different levels.

But there’s only a Windows download, however it includes the DOS version (in the VIKINGS directory) along with a DosBox conf file. Which means that OSX and Linux users can easily use DosBox to run it.

For OSX, download DosBox, drop the DosBox app into the Lost Vikings folder (not the VIKINGS one) and double-click on it. On Linux DosBox is probably in your respective package repo (Fedora & Ubuntu anyway) so install as appropriate and just cd to the Lost Vikings directory and run dosbox. And enjoy.

There’s a complete video play through here if you want to watch the beginning to get a idea of what it is all about.