When playing Bioshock Infinite it occurred to me that the game part didn’t seem to match the story and characters. I mean all you do as DeWitt is shoot people (well set them on fire, freeze, electrocute etc as well). But really that’s it. It just seemed a little odd to me.

The setting as it played out was much more intellectual than most shooters and exploring Columbia in a more non-violent manner could have been interesting. It just seemed a little disappointing to me that it was “yet another shooter”. Not that it was a bad one - it just seemed wrong somehow. The gameplay and the nature of the story seemed at odds with each other.

Shortly after finishing the game, it occurred to me that actually the gameplay perfectly matched DeWitt.

Because DeWitt is thug.

Ok, he’s a retired solider turned “private investigator”. But he struck me as the kind of investigator that is more inclined to beat someone up in a back alley to get information than one that puts clues together and reaches conclusions through deductive logic. He’s certainly no Sherlock Holmes.

And then I played Burial at Sea Part 1.

No spoilers … but yeah, it totally reinforced this view. DeWitt is a thug.

Even when trying to do the right thing, he does it in such a brutish clumsy way. Often hurting those around him if they aren’t careful.

In BioShock: Infinite and Burial at Sea there is so much going on around you and yet all you know how to do is hurt and kill people. As DeWitt that is your contribution to the grandeur that is Columbia or Rapture. You hurt people.

It isn’t that the gameplay that is at odds with the story. It’s that the character is at odds with what is going on around him. The gameplay totally suits the character.