Better late than never?

Nano Saga 1.5.0 has been finally approved and is now available on the App Store. So go get it now and get back to writing!

It has been updated for the new website, and has a few little cosmetic tweaks and performance fixes. It supports both iOS 6 and 7.

One thing to note is you can no longer use your login name with it. This is a little annoying but you must use your correct username. The username is the name that you see at the end of your participant page. In many cases, they are exactly the same. Eg. my page is at, so my username is eviltabbycat. However if my login name was Evil Tabby Cat (note capitals and spaces), then my page URL would probably be something like but it does vary some user to user. In that case my username would be evil-tabby-cat.

I did start building a whole new backend for this app which would let me do much cooler stuff, but rebuilding the front-end to take advantage of it was taking too long. So maybe next year.