Harry Marks lays down some rules for tech-journalists - because this sh*t has to stop.

Especially number 3

3. The only numbers that matter are real ones.

Wall Street is an enigma wrapped in a poorly tailored suit and a tacky tie. Its reality is different from our own and yet, the made up numbers coming from analysts and traders matter more than the actual numbers being reported by companies. Apple made $37 billion last quarter, but fell short of The Street’s imaginary math? Amazon’s stock shot up on a billion dollar loss because it has “potential” it keeps failing to meet? Doesn’t matter anymore.

All journalists must henceforth report the facts. Unless a company reports a loss or does not meet or beat last quarter’s numbers, the word “disappointing” should appear nowhere in an article, nor a headline.

Getting a little tired of the “Apple fails to meet expectations” headline when it should read “Analyst estimates fail to match reality”.