Continuing on from yesterday, this is day two of my impressions from my first play through of Halo4 on normal difficulty. Today I got up to almost the end of Mission Five.

WARNING: Minor spoilers within.

Mission Three.

Now there is a mixture of Promethean and Covenant enemies and more access to Banshees and Ghosts. This is more interesting but still finding the Knights a chore, although access to more powerful weapons evens the odds somewhat. The end of mission three is weird. It’s a nice twist but there are oddities, especially the way Cortana refers to it - I assume that the meaning (and why Cortana uses that name) will be revealed in time. The vehicular escape scene at the end was mostly just confusing in my opinion. Sequences like this will always be compared to the end sequence of the first Halo which is a bar that this one does not reach.

Mission Four.

I found the jungle to be confusing at first until I got an understanding of the terrain. Crawlers are still just tedius in large numbers. More access to weapons and new armour abilities really made this section feel solid though, as I started to feel like I was finally settling in. Then there is a section with a Scorpion Tank (although I guess using the tank is optional) and then a new vehicle, the Mantis, which was awesome fun. The last combat sequence of this mission has been a high point so far.

In this mission, the story also gets more interesting with more characters and some tensions.

Mission Five.

So far this mission has been great. Interesting scenario, varied combat sequences, mostly Covenant foes. I would like to have been able to fire the big cannon on the Mammoth myself rather than just using the targer finder. Towards the end of it now and encountering more of a mix of Covenant and Promethean enemies but finding the Knights more manageable.

I feel that the game is definately coming together much more now. I am enjoying the combat now that some of the scenarios are more interesting and more weapons are available and I haven’t encountered any other buggy behaviour. The Scorpion and Mantis sections were excellent. I still have issues with the lack of feel with some weapons and a general lack of character with the enemies though.

The story is getting more interesting too, but at this point no explanation of Cortana’s usage of language at the end of mission three.