Today I stumbled across this interesting post by Patrick Rhone. > Therefore, here is the plan. With the exception of those in the “dock” area (Phone, Mail, Messages, and Safari) which I consider crucial to the entire point of even having an iPhone, I am going to clear everything from the home screen. Any apps that get accessed more than once in the course of the next week will be allowed to come back. Why more than once? Well, that disqualifies any anomalies (i.e I need to use this one thing out of the blue this particular week even though I rarely use it).

I like this idea, and am going to do something similar.

I’m going to a three page system. Here are the rules.

  • There will be three screens.
  • The homescreen is page one.
  • I’m going to move all my apps (except those I have in the dock) to page three.
  • The first time I use an app next week I will move it to page two.
  • When I use an app from page two I will move it to page one.

I have to leave one app on page two because you can’t have an empty screen. I will use the Settings app for this.

At the end of the week I will see what I have. Some of the apps remaining on page three should probably get removed. Maybe then move the page three apps to a page four, and move the page two apps to page three. Not sure, maybe I will just nuke everything on page three and call it done.

I think I will also have to reassess the apps on the dock as well.

Anyway, here are my iPhone and iPad homescreens as they stand today, prior to the new system:

iPhone homescreen prior to new system

iPad homescreen prior to new system