In the dark future of 3991 AD there is only war.

The world is an irradiated wasteland. The communist state of the Celts and the Viking and American theocracies are locked in a constant state of nuclear war that has persisted for almost 2000 years. Any cease-fire agreement is immediately followed by an all out attack. 90% of the worlds population is dead either from nuclear attack or the constant state of famine due to no remaining farmable land. Constant internal strife and guerrilla uprisings threaten the stability of each regime. All resources are allocated to putting down rebellions and rebuilding military forces to withstand the next attack.

No this isn’t a movie or a book. This is a game of Civilisation II that someone has been playing on and off for 10 years. It’s basically in a stalemate, well past the point where it is winnable. But the parallels to dystopian settings like 1984 and even Warhammer 40K are quite interesting.

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Because of SDI, ICBMS are usually only used against armies outside of cities. Instead, cities are constantly attacked by spies who plant nuclear devices which then detonate (something I greatly miss from later civ games). Usually the down side to this is that every nation in the world declares war on you. But this is already the case so its no longer a deterrent to anyone. My self included.

So, nuclear suicide bombers. Perhaps future Civilisation games will include “Transportation Security” as a research option? ;-)

And a sub-Reddit (here) has been created for those interested in discussion and to try to resolve “The Eternal War”.

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