NaNo Saga has been updated to 1.3. This update contains a critical fix, some visual and usability updates, and some behind the scenes improvements. Minimal iOS requirement is now 5.0.  You can download it from the App Store.

The critical fix is support for the new website. Previous version will not function correctly anymore. As part of that change over, NaNo Saga now uses your NaNoWriMo username instead of your UID.

It is no longer necessary to use the Settings App to change the NaNoWriMo user name you are using. You can logout of your NaNoWriMo account from the details tab.

The artwork has been updated to retina quality and some subtle visual refinements have been added that you will probably not consciously notice but that provide a much nicer experience overall.

Under the hood, the project has been modernised and converted to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). ARC provides automation of the memory management code and produces much more efficient code than I could ever write. This generally reduces the memory footprint, makes it a little snappier and provides greater stability while also simplifying the code.  Again, not something that you will notice, but something that will help NaNo Saga  going forward.