Re-posted from October 4th 2010. I didn’t have this issue this year, but apparently other people have. This means that either Apple didn’t fix it or it is a regression.

My iPhone automagically switched over to daylight savings today … which would be awesome if I lived somewhere that observed it.

My iPhone’s Date & Time setting was on Set Automatically, which I assume means NTP.  However my time zone was not set correctly (it was set to an area in Australia that just started daylight savings) and this setting is hidden when the Date & Time is set automatically.

I’m guessing that all the phones that ship to a country get set with a “reasonable default” timezone, which in the case of Australia would be Sydney.

To correct:

  1. Launch the Settings application
  2. Navigate to General, and then Date & Time
  3. Change the Set Automatically slider to OFF
  4. Set your Time Zone to something appropriate for you
  5. Change the Set Automatically slider to ON
  6. Reboot the iPhone

Note: Any recurring alarms that were already set must be removed & recreated or they will go off an hour early.

Hopefully I don’t have to post this again next year.