• Tony Zhou - What is Bayhem?

    Tony Zhou's excellent deconstruction of the style of film director Micheal Bay.

  • Tricking Zimbra date autolinking

    Part of my job over the past few months has involved automating some of the steps of producing an internal company email newsletter as well as producing a new responsive HTML layout for it. I’ve implemented this using Handlebars as the template system. And I’ve learned a lot about how different email clients deal with HTML content. Especially Zimbra.

  • Review: Beamer

    Beamer is an OSX app that streams video over AirPlay.

  • Review: AngularJS book

    So a little over six months ago I started to learn Node.js and as a result also took an interest in front-end Javascript frameworks as well. I looked briefly at Backbone.js and Ember and then just at the right time, a free copy of the book AngularJS popped up at work with the provision that I write a review of it. So a nabbed it and started learning AngularJS.

  • The Call of Cthulhu

    What HP Lovecraft story is a good one to start with? Why not his most famous? The Call of Cthulhu.

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